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More days than not, since I was old enough to walk, I have worn a T-shirt.

Day in, and day out, unless there was a reason for me to wear a "button shirt", I have reached for a T-shirt to wear when getting dressed. Through high school, college, and all of my adult life, fashion styles have come and gone, but the T-shirt has remained timeless.

From my Rolling Stones and Blueberry Hill T-shirts growing up in St. Louis, to my Jack Johnson and Philippe's T-shirts as an adult in Los Angeles, if it is a weekend or evening after work, you will find me wearing a T-shirt.

But finding the perfect T-shirt is an elusive quest. I buy them from the shave ice place in Hawaii, or the biscuit place in Portland, or my local Santa Monica dive bar. Problem is, they never quite fit right. Or they're not the right color. Or they're too loud. Or there is too much going on with the logos. Or they shrink up too short or too wide. I want to wear them, but they wind up on the bottom of my dresser drawer, never to see the light of day.

I find myself wearing the generic Hurley T-shirt because it is the right color and it fits right. I want so badly to wear the shirt from the awesome cheesesteak place down on Main Street, but it just doesn't look and feel right.

So I left my career of 25+ years in motion picture distribution and marketing, and set out to bring the perfect t-shirts to the world.

So, what makes the perfect t-shirt? Well, it all starts with the fit. If you start with a crappy T-shirt, nobody is going to wear it. And it should be soft, 100% ring spun cotton, with a faded, well-worn look. The color should be right. And the graphic should be subtle and simple - classic and vintage. The shirt must maintain its shape, wash after wash.

But most important, it should represent something that you will vouch for...  The legendary sandwich place with the line out the door...  The coffee shop at the end of the pier...  The local taco stand that's been in business for almost 60 years...  The local shop, run by a local family, with a devoted local clientele, providing a local service, that is doing something exceptional.

That's Locality. That's the perfect T-shirt.

We are Locality Design. A local company, vouching for local companies.

Pick up one of our shirts.

And wear your pride on your sleeve.

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