About Us

Genuine Locali-Tee items are exclusively crafted with care by:


1730 E Holly Ave

El Segundo, CA  90245

Email:  info@LocalityDesign.com

Tel:  (310) 510-6479


We bring the perfect t-shirts - and more - to the world.

So, what makes the perfect t-shirt? It should be soft, with a classic fit, and a faded, well-worn look. The color should be right. And the graphic should be subtle and simple - classic and vintage. The shirt must maintain its shape, wash after wash.

We also make hats, hoodies, jackets, drinkware, and all other kinds of apparel and custom branded merchandise that people will proudly use every day.

The most important thing is that our items represent something that you will vouch for... The legendary sandwich place with the line out the door... The bar or nightclub that regularly hosts memorable evenings... The amazing taco stand that's been in business for almost 60 years... The local place, run by a local family, with a devoted local clientele, providing a local service, that is doing something exceptional.

That's a Locali-Tee. That's the fabric of our city.

We are Locality. A local company, promoting local companies.

Pick up one of our items.

And wear your pride on your sleeve.