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The Indie Brewing Company was founded in 2009 by four guys who met in the strangest of ways over the mutual love of brewing. They set out to give L.A. amazing local beer, and the tasting room it so deserves. They dreamt of a casual spot where people could hang out with other beer lovers and watch bands, talk about sports, and maybe even do a little trivia night or Saturday morning yoga. No velvet ropes, no guest lists. Their idea of “bottle service”? Having your growler refilled by the guys who brewed the beer.

In the years since, they have grown from homebrews in pots on an electric stovetop, to an amazing brewery and tasting room in Boyle Heights next to the DTLA Arts District, to being featured in some of the region’s best bars, restaurants and supermarkets. The Indie Brewing Company has helped put L.A. on the map for something other than movie stars and one-word nightclubs.

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